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Malleshwaram – A locality that breeds world class sportspersons

One of the oldest localities of Bengaluru, malleshwaram is known for the word class sportspersons it has produced since last several decades. Legendary badminton player Prakash Padukone, Billiards and Snooker world champion Arvind Savur, international Table Tennis players Sai Kumar, Kabad Jayanth and Usha Sunderraj and Olympion G Dilip in Basketball are a few to mention. Malleshwaram can also boast of good number of sports playing facilities including 3 major basketball clubs, several large playgrounds, cricket clubs, badminton clubs and much more. Almost every school/college in malleshwaram have playing facilities for the youngsters to pick up sports. And further encouraged by school/college management, supported by trained coaches and further provision to play in sports academies in malleshwaram, it is but natural that many sports legends emerge from this area.

The Malleswaram Cup

The brainchild of Dr C N Ashwathnarayan and Manjunath Raju, the idea to organize sports events in Malleshwaram took shape when this was put to action by Sachin Belavadi. When Sachin connected with some of the eminent sports persons who lived and grew in Malleshwaram, they readily accepted to join hands and turn this dream into reality. Thus was born the “Malleshwaram Cup”. This initiative is sponsored and supported by Dr. C. N. Ashwathnarayan Foundation.


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